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Small Group Classes


PilatesBurn is our classic Pilates class with some extra heat.  Using the Mat, Tower, and other apparatus you'll get the best looks around by sculpting long, lean muscle. This workout is unlike anything else in town as it provides strength, flexibility, and fat burning aerobic activity.  Other props may be used to enhance the workout including the small ball, foam roller, or magic circle.



Meet us at the Goddess Barre where we're serving up a combo of strength and cardio using the ballet barre, weights, and other props.  Start with a warm up, move into a plank and pushup series, followed by arm sculpting, thigh and seat toning, and end with a core sequence guaranteed for results.  The cardio interval style of the class can produce weight loss, increased cardio endurance, and a seriously toned Goddess bod.


YogaSculpt w/ Weights & YogaFlow 

Yoga is a form of exercise in which you move your body into various poses (Asanas) in order to become more fit, flexible, improve breathing, and relax the mind.  Join us for YogaSculpt w/ Weights - a Vinyasa Class that incorporates light weights for added arm sculpting, and YogaFlow - our traditional full body yoga class.


LIIT is Low Impact Interval Training. LIIT burns more fat than it's cousin HIIT (High Instensity Interval Training) due to its longer intervals in the heart rate's fat burning zone.  If you're looking to lose weight or boost your metabolism, this is the class for you!  Combine this class with our other sculpting classes on our calendar and you'll be looking like that svelte goddess in no time.