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Small Group Classes

Signature Sculpt - Tower/Mat

In Pilates, we move through a sequence of exercises and perform repetitions of those exercises to create a dynamic, full body workout. Results include that long, lean look and serious abs! Signature sculpt  is unlike anything else in town as it provides strength, flexibility, and fat burning aerobic activity using our signature Spring Boards/Towers by Balanced Body.  Other props may be used to enhance the workout including the small ball, foam roller, or magic circle.   


Goddess Barre

Goddess Barre is a combination of strength and cardio using the ballet barre, weights, and other props.  Start with a warm up, move into a plank and pushup series, followed by arm sculpting, thigh and seat toning, and end with a core sequence guaranteed for results.  The cardio interval style of the class can produce weight loss, increased cardio endurance, and a seriously toned Goddess bod.



Yoga is a form of exercise in which you move your body into various poses (Asanas) in order to become more fit, flexible, improve breathing, and relax the mind.  It is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India.  It is similar to Pilates in that each movement is connected to breathwork (pranayama), but it is it's own unique method of exercise.


Private Sessions

Private Pilates

Private Pilates sessions are one-on-one training with Amanda on the Pilates apparatus (Reformer, Tower, Chair, Barrels, etc.).  Enjoy the feel of our high grade, luxury, wood and leather Peak Pilates equipment in your own beautiful private suite within the studio.  Sessions are by appointment depending on availability and are tailored to the client's specific needs, goals, injuries or conditions.    

Assisted Stretching

Move through a sequence of assisted stretches where the benefits are numerous, including improvement of physical performance, lowering your risk of injuries, helping the joints move through their full range of motion, and increasing blood flow.


Reformer/Tower Semi Privates

Reformer/Tower sessions are available by sets of two people by appointment only.  Must have a known partner to reserve.